Morning Shade

“Morning Shade”
8″ x 8″ / 20cm x 20cm
Oil on Canvas

I think about light and color, how they are manifestations of the same phenomenon, how they make me feel, all the time. I think I’m probably obsessed with the subject. It has played out in my work as a lighting designer in the theater, and it comes up here in my painting and drawing. These abstract works, while probably more about painting as a subject and as an action than perhaps the landscapes and the figurative work, are still about the interaction of light. This work was inspired by the play of light on an early fall day across an abandoned industrial space in North Carolina. The work is gestural and both created and offered without judgement, which sometimes creeps in for the works that are more allied to realism.

This piece was sold today at an auction online. The winning bidder is already the owner of another work of mine, a watercolor also painted in North Carolina, and I’m so grateful to her for her support and interest.

Anyway, thank you to the world for the gift of light and our ability to think about it and reflect on its magic.